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Apacer 8GB DDR4 2133 U-DIMM Black Panther

Apacer DDR4 2133 U-DIMM Black Panther


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- EK.08G2R.KDC, EK.08G2T.KEC


Apacer DDR4 PANTHER memory module , specially produced for support of next generation Intel’ Skylake platform. The design of the PANTHER gaming DDR4 with aesthetic design on heat spreader


  • DDR4 gaming memory module
  • Supports Z170 and B150 motherboards.

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Tame Your Inner Beast to Embody the Spirit of Gaming


Apacer unveils its latest gaming DDR4 memory module, PANTHER, specially produced for support of next generation Intel’ Skylake platform. The design of the PANTHER gaming DDR4 with aesthetic design on heat spreader and meticulously screened ICs indeed stands out from the rest of DDR4 memory offerings. Backed by the world’s best technology in industrial memory module and storage, PANTHER DDR4 gives users much more than they expect in terms of functionality and stability, providing a budget-friendly gaming memory module.


  • DDR4 gaming memory module, high frequency, low power consumption and low latency.
  • Supports Z170 and B150 motherboards.
  • Claw-shaped heat spreader allows great heat conductivity, and offers excellent performance.
  • High stability and compatibility brings the users an astounding gaming experience.
  • Gold-and-silver dual design on heat spreader top presents exquisite workmanship.


Maximum Performance, Stability, and Compatibility

Total Capacity of 64GB, Running at respectable 2666MHz with 1.2V

Panther DDR4 is shipping single-module package and it comes in 4GB or 8GB capacity. The three available clock frequencies are 2133/2400/2666MHz with tight 15-15-15-36, 16-16-16-36timings. It supports XMP 2.0 profiles for simple and easy overclocking with 2400MHz and the frequencies above. The operating low voltage of 1.2V greatly helps reduce power consumption, making the best out of it. PANTHER DDR4 guarantees fast speed as well as extremely stability on a high system load during long gaming session which allows gamers to perform the highest efficiency and to experience the most enjoyable game play. The most important of all, Apacer employs high-tech of industrial memory module to manufacture PANTHER gaming DDR4 which guarantees high stability at fast speed. Accordingly, users truly get more than they pay for.

Distinguished and Sophisticated Heat Spreader Design

Comparing with other gaming memory products of some other leading memory module brands, PANTHER DDR4 is something else. Apacer adopts advanced heat spreader with unique and groundbreaking design instead of just laying a label sticker on. Utilizing sophisticated technique of finish blanking, there is an outstanding appearance of black panther debossing with mirror-like finish and the word “PANTHER” embossing. On the top of the heat spreader comes with dual color construction, gold and silver, demonstrating exquisite workmanship. Right next to panther’s head, there is a HP(Health Point) design which perfectly goes with the game mode. On the bottom serration element is integrated into the heat spreader that presents power and fighting skill from military and weapon.

PANTHER DDR4 offers users a stunning experience of playing all kinds of games. More importantly, in the past the overall experience of gaming DDR4 has stagnated, and until now the compellingly powerful PANTHER redefines gaming memory module. Speedy, stable, and heavy-duty with high quality materials as well as multi-level appearance design, PANTHER DDR4 is showing off at a whole new scale!


Available in:
SKU Capacity
EK.08G2R.KDC Apacer 8GB DDR4 2133 U-DIMM Black Panther
EK.08G2T.KEC Apacer 8GB DDR4 2400 U-DIMM Black Panther

Data Sheet


Apacer microSDHC UHS-I Class 410 specifications

Product Name PANTHER DDR4
Capacity 4GB/ 8GB/ 16GB
Memory Architecture x8 FBGA DRAM chip
Voltage 1.2V
Height 4cm
Frequency 2133/ 2400/ 2666MHz
Intel XMP 2.0 YES (2400MHz above)
PIN 260 pin
Cas Latency 15-15-15-36(2133MHz)/ 16-16-16-36(2400, 2666MHz)
JEDEC Standard YES
RoHS Compliant YES

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