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Strontium SSDs

Rock-solid performers in more ways than one, Strontium SSDs are the ultimate storage solution, preferred for their high performance, low power consumption, reliability and small form factor. Notebook users, in particular, will love the extra battery life you'll get with our SSDs.

The new industry-standard upgrade for traditional hard drives, SSDs are flash-based drives offering even greater reliability and faster performance. That's in addition to lower power consumption, reduced heat dissipation and a rugged yet lightweight construction. Fast speeds and high capacities make each an ideal storage solution for read-intensive applications.

An industry-standard 1.5/ 3.0Gbps SATAI/ II interface and 2.5" form factor allows for easy user installation, just as with conventional hard drives – only with truly exceptional capabilities. Get into the game even faster with improved loading times, shorter boot ups and improved multitasking - all while running cool and silent.


  • Ultra High Performance
  • Only the highest quality components with leading brand chipsets
  • 100% Tested
  • 3 years hassle-free warranty
  • 236MB/s read as well as 160MB/s write

Please Note: * Information provided in this document pertain to Strontium products and is subject to change at any time, without notice.